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The most successful companies in the world treat their people differently. Not only do they reward them, they also retain them and make more profit. Perx® Rewards is ideal for companies who value and trust their people. We don’t limit our gift cards to only a small number of retailers. 

We give you the power to recognise good work with real rewards.


Real rewards

Perx® Rewards are real rewards. Your people feel more valued, trusted and respected because you’re giving them the freedom to choose a reward for themselves. Perx® Reward cards are loaded with funds that can be spent at 53 million locations worldwide, in-store and online.

  • Reward

    Reward Employees with a Perx® Reward Card they can spend Worldwide.

  • Motivate

    Engage your people with Perx® and unleash their true potential.

  • Spend

    Use everywhere Mastercard is accepted Worldwide: In-stores, online, accommodation, holidays, flights etc.

  • Retain

    Treat your people well and show them their true value to reduce staff turnover.

  • Manage

    Cardholders become self-sufficient with their own personal Perx® Reward portal: View balance, transactions etc.

  • Profit

    Motivated and engaged people care more about their work and your business, meaning more productivity and profitability.

Order Now

Perx® Rewards are the ideal way to say thanks and motivate your staff. Order today and see what a difference it can make.