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The most successful companies in the world treat their people differently. Not only do they reward them, they also retain them and make more profit. Perx Rewards is ideal for companies who value and trust their people. We don’t offer percentage discounts at certain shops or gift cards limited to a number of retailers. We give you the power to recognise good work with real rewards.


Real rewards

Perx Rewards are real rewards. Your people feel more valued, trusted and respected because you’re giving them the freedom to choose a reward for for themselves. Perx Reward and Reload cards are loaded with funds that can be spent at 53 million locations worldwide, in-store and online.

  • Reward

    Reward Employees with a Perx Reward Card they can spend Worldwide.

  • Motivate

    Engage your people with Perx and unleash their true potential.

  • Spend

    Use everywhere Mastercard is accepted Worldwide: In-stores, online, accommodation, holidays, flights etc

  • Retain

    Treat your people well and show them their true value to the company. This helps to improve staff morale and reduce staff turnover

  • Manage

    Cardholders become self-sufficient with their own personal Perx Reward portal: View balance, transactions etc.

  • Profit

    Motivated and engaged people care more about their work and your business, meaning more productivity and profitability.

Sign up

Perx Rewards are the ideal way to say thanks and motivate your staff. Sign up today and see what a difference it can make.

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